Shred TVT says Farewell to Apache and Hello to New Opportunity

By Missyllaneous

Have you ever watched someone sew together a tapestry?  That’s what it is like to watch Shred The Verbal Tongue perform.  Each word that spews from his lips creates a fine stitch in a tapestry rich in fabric, color, and storytelling.
For the last five years Shred TVT has been weaving a particular tapestry by hosting an event at Apache Cafe on Third and Spring titled, “Shred TVT & Friends.”  In it you see the man himself, plus tons of other great artists showcasing their skills, be it rapping, producing, poets, as long as the medium is sound.
“The original thought behind its inception was to create a showcase of hip-hop, R&B, and poetry.  Apache has been my favorite place to perform and I wanted to provide a platform for my friends and associates to showcase their undeniable talents” Shred TVT says about the project which has now grown too big for what he wants to at Apache.
The showcase has had a phenomenal run every fifth Thursday of the month.  For the moment, August 31 will be the last Shred TVT & Friends event at Apache until a new home that fits his size and demand can accommodate.  Make sure you come through for not-so-finale performance that is sure to rock the house.
He certainly isn’t stopping there though as he eagerly awaits the finishing and release of his upcoming EP “New School of Thought.”  As of last night Barsity Champs, a collaboration between Shred TVT and RIVAL, dropped their video for their song  “Barsity Artistry.”


Born in Troy, NC this young man wields not only a silver tongue (watch out ladies, this silver tongued fox will make you swoon) but the needle with which to thread and embroider his message.  It’s without hesitation that I say he is a lyricist worthy of his mentor, Nas.
It’s no surprise that this #TroyBoy is such a lover of language.  Growing up Shred TVT used to read his mother’s poetry.  Through linguistic artistry and the skill of rhythm and rhymes he dedicated himself to the art of lyricism.
He pays tribute in his song, “One Love,” giving credit to Nas, his upbringing and role models to show him how to “take advantage of the opportunity presented, moved to Atlanta and started fulfilling my mission.”  And stealing those opportunities has allowed him to grow by working with other artists such as veteran hip hop artists like KRS-ONE, Raekwon, Sadat X, Craig G and MC Shan.
It also has allowed him work in numerous venues throughout the city like Center Stage, The Masquerade, Apache Cafe, A3C Festival, Lyricist Lounge and many more.

Creating A Better Tomorrow

Shred TVT won’t hesitate to let you know that he has made his fair share of mistakes, but instead of telling you how to repeat his past, he insists that you learn from them, making your own mistakes, and creating your own identity.  While he does provide variety, one can’t help but notice this common theme.
Particularly his song, “Better Tomorrow” speaks to all.  No matter what walk of life he acknowledges that we are all fighting our own battles and we all want to do better.  As producer Spittzwell provides an inspirational beat leading you to reflect on your own life and the turning of leaves, Shred TVT gives you verbal direction promising it’s going to get better as long as you “be honest and hold up your head.”
When asked what the greatest lesson is that he wants to convey through his music, it is beautifully simplistic: Be honest with your truth and let the universe respond.
By the end of the first verse of “Better Tomorrow” you are cheering, reassuring yourself that you are doing the best you can it will get better as long as you keep pushing for your greater goal.
So what are his goals?  Well aside from his dream goal of working with Nas, Shred culminates his drive and determination with his passion to help others.
“It’s all about helping the community,” he says, as we begin discussing his philanthropic endeavors through his collaboration called MoCo Life 910 and it’s slogan G.O.O.N. which stands for “Graciously Overcoming Obstacles & Negativity.”
With other leaders in his communities of Troy and Charlotte, NC The Verbal Tongue uses his experience and talents to help influence the youth and make sure that they rise up and above in the face of adversity.
To keep up with his many endeavors and to find out where you can find him next you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and of course check him out on Soundcloud.