Check Your Pvlse

By Missyllaneous

COLUMBUS, GA – Two years ago Khaalis Wooden was feeling frustrated with the media.  He felt there was lack of substance, objectivity, and growth.  Mr. Wooden wanted something for the people, by the people of Columbus, Ga.  Something that focused on stories that people not only wanted to cover, but what people needed to know.

Nowadays you can’t go to an event in Columbus without organizers knowing about Pvlse Media.  In fact, Pvlse is more than likely already there filming the event.  Founders Khaalis Wooden and Terrence D. Flowers are pretty much celebrities on their own.  With short films, news coverage, and the anticipation of the upcoming announcement of Pvlse TV,  there’s not a person with clout that isn’t in touch with this dynamic duo.

Rejecting the spotlight of running a successful black-owned business, Mr. Wooden simply takes pride in a job well done and stepping outside the box.  “With us we have to be creative in all multi-media.  It can’t just be one form.  It must engage all,” Mr. Wooden says proudly.

“We are the Outkast of the media centers here in Columbus, and one day the world.” – Pvlse Media Founder Khaalis Wooden

The First Beat

Pvlse Media, Inc. Founder Khaalis Wooden

In a Starbucks in downtown Columbus, Mr. Wooden sat down with one of his friend’s brother, Terrence D. Flowers.   Mr. Flowers was known for his passion and talent with a camera.  Over a cup of joe, and between two minds, began the inception of Pvlse Media.

Mr. Wooden initially reached out to writers within his network.  Journalists, poets, university professors were all contacted for this project.

I wanted people with integrity and vision.  I didn’t want to micromanage so I made sure I found people who I didn’t have to worry about content.  There was free creative range.  I would read drafts and final copies and give my approval, but as far as the content themselves, I didn’t want to censor,” he said.

On the other end of the spectrum, Mr. Flowers was honing in on his own strengths.  He tracked down the enthusiastic and youthful for helping with production.  Using his eye for social justice issues, Mr. Flowers began filming shorts.

His breakthrough was a piece titled, “The Other Race,” on what it was like growing up as a biracial person.  He interviewed teens and young adults, and their parents, and really let them tell their own stories about the prejudices and stereotypes that are often dished out quietly and within the confines of cliques and social circles.  The piece was moving.

Gaining Traction

Members of the Pvlse Media team

Mr. Wooden continued to nurture his brain child.  He obtained space for their growing group of locals and allowed the creative juices to flow.  Meanwhile Mr. Flowers was helping to direct and produce newsroom content.  Kirsten King, with D30 Marketing out of Columbus, joined the group and took the role of news reporter.  Ms. King produced segments on the legalization of gay marriage, covering the scandal of Bill Cosby and the tragic death of Sandra Bland.

As Pvlse continued to gain traction within the community larger pieces began to emerge.  Blog posts and reflection declined and news reports and videos started ramping up.

In addition to Ms. King’s journalist style of reporting on issues affecting the community and nation at large, Mr. Flowers began showcasing short films of real substance.  He released a film titled, “Voices of the Street.” The film spotlighted the homeless population in Columbus, Ga. and bringing light to not only the needs and demands of the homeless, but also introducing them as individuals with real stories to which the viewer could relate and sympathize.

Generating Income

As Mr. Wooden and Mr. Flowers focused on their passion others in the community began to take notice and the duo was soon approached by organizations for promotional pieces.  Features on the Muscogee Country School District, and community events such as the In the Garden concert series hosted by the Young Art Patrons helped bring community involvement and contributed to the generation of commerce for the city.

Advertisers even took notice and Pvlse was commissioned for Belvedere vodka and even produced a commercial which ran during this year’s Super Bowl.

To Infinite and Beyond

Pvlse has stepped up once again.  If you go to their website you can view Mr. Flowers works as a filmographer and as a photographer.  There is a link to the protocol of what will be come Pvlse TV and Pvlse Radio.  And what would a company be without its capitalization of merchandise?  Goods to come from Zombie Life, Co. clothing and swag set to attack in 2018.

Keep an eye out for these guys because it won’t be long before they are the station of choice for your favorite programming.  In the meantime go ahead and bookmark their website so you can say, “I followed them when…”





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