Meet Tee in the Streets

By JC Rocker, production assistant at K100 Radio

Many know K100 Radio for its music [yes we are bds monitored] and thought provoking talk segments; for those that are unfamiliar, we also have comedy. Our resident comedian, Tee Washington or better known as, Tee in the Streets, is known for his prank calls and the loving, but raw as hell, Strip Club Sunny. Now he is looking to expand new horizons with his one man show called, Meet the Claires, debuting this Saturday, February 18th at The Alfred Uhry Theater.  I got a chance to chop it up with my K100 brotha to see how he became Tee in the Streets and how this show will be a dream come true for him.

I asked Tee how did he link up with K100 and got acquainted with owner and production director Blizm. “Kami Tee set it up and introduced me to Blizm. He thought the prank calls were hilarious and decided to give me a show. I try hard to get [Blizm] to crack a smile but it seems that he don’t smile at all,” he said laughing.

Tee describes his brand of comedy as PG-13, “Not squeaky clean, but still pushing the envelope that would make you wonder if I’m gonna go there but still get my point across.” His style has gotten him to be a finalist for Kevin Hart’s 2016 Laugh Out Loud comedy competition. “My mom sent an e-mail to me to enter because she knows that I wanted to pursue comedy and I sent my writing in and the next thing I know I was one of the finalist out of a thousand people. It was a good experience.” Mama Tee, he thanks you!


We discussed how Meet the Claires came to be and what does Phylicia Rashad have to do with anything, “I always try to find the ‘perfect woman’ and Clair Huxtable always represented that. The audience will see how I’m chasing this image and how it all falls apart.” Don’t worry people there will be some laughs despite personal tragedy. Tee wants the audience to understand the deep meaning behind his life lessons and for them to do one thing: smile.

The grind is real for Tee since he pretty much put everything on hold to create a wonderful production that means so much to him; he even put Strip Club Sunny on the shelf for this! The next step is to take Meet the Claires on the road which I know his talent and his life story can have anyone relate.

So this Saturday head on over to The Alfred Uhry Theater in Atlanta, GA; showtime starts at 6 pm. You’re welcome in advance.

For more information and ticket info, go to Tee Washington’s website.  You can also follow him on IG @teeinthestreetz.

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