Celebrating Passing the Bar

By JC Rocker

So another Bar Exam in the history books! On Friday, January 27th , the fourth anniversary of one of this dope open mic competition went down.  And it was all the way lit!  Mike Sick deserves the DJ Khaled drop “ANOTHA ONE!”

The Savage Fam Pro visioneer Mike Sick can say SUCCESS to this monster he created. If you were there (which you should’ve been!), you witnessed talent, hustle, and a wonderful experience of entertainment.  Contestants came from all over the country to display their passions and to prove that they will Pass The Bar; unfortunately for some, many have gotten the Pass The Mic.

No matter what verdicts contestants received, all were good sports and took heed of the jewels that were given to them.  Judges Ant Marshall, creator of the Lyricist Lounge, Hip Hop extraordinaire, and dope dude all around, and Blizm, program director of K100 Radio, gave these artists some pointers on what to do to have a stronger performance in the future and what they can do expand their artistry and their hustle.

Shred TVT gives amazing performance during intermission

During intermission, The Bar Exam had extraordinary performances from Shred TVTSonny Bamboo, and Z Rich (f/k/a Phene), featuring the visioneer himself Mike Sick giving the folks not only a show, but BAARRRZZZ!!! These gentlemen showed everyone what it  means to have barz and to make the crowd move. They definitely got so many views on ALL social media platforms for sure!

The Final Round

Elijah blows the audience away taking the win.

Although they freestyled for their lives to take the crown, only one of the four finalists emerged as the winner: Elijah.

From the moment he performed, he blew the crowd away with his impeccable lyricism and high octane charisma. In the finals, he came for his contestants throats with his freestyle showing that he wanted to win in it all!

The runner ups did a helluva great job and they will be seen again to do bigger and better things.  I got a moment to talk to The Bar Exam winner Elijah and see what’s life like after winning.

“It feels great. This is my second time doing The Bar Exam and last time I gotta Pass The Mic which I was bummed out about so it feels good to come back and win!” – Elijah

The story of redemption definitely took place.  The irony of it all describes this prolific MC’s life. The once delinquent and now sober lyricist (give it up for him he’s been clean for seven months) is now on the right path to reach his goals and make a name for himself.

He got a little cockiness to him that he describes, “My cockiness compensates my insecurities. I just know that as a rapper, I’m dope as fuck.”

He’s not lying.  That compensation paid off as he single handedly raised the bar for the entire show. Also, the single father had one of his biggest fans, his 3 year old son Judah (a/k/a Judah the Lion), support in the building.  To which the little guy said after his daddy won, “YAY DADDY!!!” That’s right Judah, your daddy is dope!

If you missed Elijah this time don’t worry!  You will see him on stage again at The Bar Exam on February 24th. In the meantime, make sure to check out his mixtape, “The Chronicles,” on Soundcloud.

So there you have it folks, the experience known as The Bar Exam.  Whether you’re an out of state artist that traveled 100 miles or a local trying to get solidified by the city, a dope MC whose dark past gives a story to tell and the passion to win, or a girl who is finding her place in the world and growing up in it. This amazing monthly event will present networks and opportunities  you can build on regardless if you win or lose.  It will also give you the best time of your life, not just as an artist but as a person.

To The Bar Exam, we raise our glass to you.  Here’s to 4 MORE YEARS!

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