Check Your Pvlse

By Missyllaneous

COLUMBUS, GA – Two years ago Khaalis Wooden was feeling frustrated with the media.  He felt there was lack of substance, objectivity, and growth.  Mr. Wooden wanted something for the people, by the people of Columbus, Ga.  Something that focused on stories that people not only wanted to cover, but what people needed to know.

Nowadays you can’t go to an event in Columbus without organizers knowing about Pvlse Media.  In fact, Pvlse is more than likely already there filming the event.  Founders Khaalis Wooden and Terrence D. Flowers are pretty much celebrities on their own.  With short films, news coverage, and the anticipation of the upcoming announcement of Pvlse TV,  there’s not a person with clout that isn’t in touch with this dynamic duo.

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Meet Tee in the Streets

By JC Rocker, production assistant at K100 Radio

Many know K100 Radio for its music [yes we are bds monitored] and thought provoking talk segments; for those that are unfamiliar, we also have comedy. Our resident comedian, Tee Washington or better known as, Tee in the Streets, is known for his prank calls and the loving, but raw as hell, Strip Club Sunny. Now he is looking to expand new horizons with his one man show called, Meet the Claires, debuting this Saturday, February 18th at The Alfred Uhry Theater.  I got a chance to chop it up with my K100 brotha to see how he became Tee in the Streets and how this show will be a dream come true for him.

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Celebrating Passing the Bar

By JC Rocker

So another Bar Exam in the history books! On Friday, January 27th , the fourth anniversary of one of this dope open mic competition went down.  And it was all the way lit!  Mike Sick deserves the DJ Khaled drop “ANOTHA ONE!”

The Savage Fam Pro visioneer Mike Sick can say SUCCESS to this monster he created. If you were there (which you should’ve been!), you witnessed talent, hustle, and a wonderful experience of entertainment.  Contestants came from all over the country to display their passions and to prove that they will Pass The Bar; unfortunately for some, many have gotten the Pass The Mic.

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