First Steps in a New Direction

By Missyllaneous

The beauty of democracy is a marvelous thing to witness.  People invoking their right to peaceful assemblage to speak out, either for or against, on a myriad of polemical issues from the Iraq War, gay rights, election turnouts, police brutality, to many more.

It’s always caught my attention, but I never felt the drive to go, paint my face, and start screaming and chanting.  While I commend the men and women that march for those who do not always get a voice, let alone get heard, I’ve always pursued other mediums in my fight for justice and to be proactive in the making of history.  I have trouble believing that only one avenue of protestment is what brings about change.

However, this year, after repeated FaceBook alerts and adverts for the 2017 Atlanta March for Social Justice & Women, and learning of all the different organizations (there are 58 listed on the website) that partnered with them I thought, “This is more of a humanitarian rally.  Not a protest. People just want to make sure they are heard, known, and represented.  I have no argument against that.  Sure, let’s do some marching.”

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Don’t Pass “The Bar Exam” this Friday

By JC Rocker, contributing editor Missyllaneous

In December 2013 I was recommended to enter The Bar Exam, a hip hop competition started by Savage Fam Productions and held at Atlanta’s  Apache Cafe.  I was in the early stages of developing my own stage presence so I signed up for the open mic portion which took place prior to the main event.   That’s when  I met the charismatic enigma Mike Sick, giving me the instructions and welcoming me with open arms. As I performed,  and with Sick hyping the audience from the side, I felt the energy of the crowd. I didn’t just perform; I had the best experience of my life. Since that day, I’ve made my presence known at the Bar Exam from the stage to spectating; throughout the years witnessing its growth. Now with its 4th birthday approaching this Friday, January 27, 2017 [go ahead and pull out your calendars], it is only right that I tell y’all why you should attend this monthly gift to the artists and event that embodies the Hip Hop culture.

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The Day I Said NO to a Drug Dealer

By JC Rocker, contributing writer Missyllaneous

Like many people in the world, I had (and admittedly still have) major issues in my life. However, like some people who are willing to accept the truth and do something about it, I went to therapy.  It felt good to have someone listen to me without judgment and hearing from an unbiased opinion gave me a better perspective on how to approach difficult situations differently.  When I finally received understanding and compassion, after feeling like an outsider in my own life, the possibility of getting peace of mind gave me relief.

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