Pucking Fuppets

With the holidays whisking us through the end of the year in a blur I wanted to make sure I did a really cool spot for some holiday fun.  And while the Atlanta Ballet gives a great Nutcracker, and I never tire of A Christmas Carol, it all seems so…typical.

But you know what’s not typical?  Puppets.  Specifically puppets who curse like sailors, drink like fishes, and attempt more over the shirt gropes than your 12 year old nephew on…well…probably anyone whose wearing a tight sweater (hormones, am I right?).

Puckin Fuppet Show

Last year I got to witness The Holiday Puckin’ Fuppet Show while a distant cousin came to visit and I needed some entertainment.  I found out about it because a not-so-distant cousin was performing and wound up winning first place (shout out to Spencer Murrill).

This year The Holiday Puckin Fuppet Show will be at The Village Theatre at 349 Decatur Street starting at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 19th.  $10 in cash at the door and a bar!  Really, tell me where you see the downside so far? 

If you’re still skeptical let me say, I’ve worked with puppets and puppet people before.  Not always the easiest to relate to, and I’ve had more than a few encounters that left a sour taste in my mouth.  However, after last year’s holiday performance the only taste left was the beer that came out of my nose from laughing too hard.  You will get everything from nice to ultra-naughty and sometimes downright raunchy.  Plus contests and games that pull contestants from the audience including:

  • Baby Jesus Manger Toss
  • Guide My Sleigh Tonight
  • Egg Nog Funneling Contest, and…
  • Candy Cane DeepThroat Contest

It’s important to note that this is not just a puppet show.  It’s a Puppet Slam hosted The Puckin’ Fuppet Show.  PFS is an adult variety show featuring live puppet performances of all kinds.  Individuals come and compete for first, second, and third place cash prizes (They had an awesome Halloween murder mystery that I still regret missing).  You get to witness some really cool creativity come to life from your Atlanta neighbors as they utilize different types of puppets, scrips and scenes.  Really, just watching the set-up alone is pretty cool.

The event is funded by Puppet Slam Network who says, “Underground puppet slams are popping up everywhere. They feature contemporary short-form puppet and object theater for adult audiences, often late at night in small venues, nightclubs, and art spaces.”  

So for everyone who thinks that puppet shows are for little kids watching an adult who has his/her hand shoved up some fictional creature’s ass and talking nonsense, well..you are only half right.  And if you kept this mentality about puppets and puppeteers you’d be missing out on a great night of adventure, mishap, and adult fun! 



2 thoughts on “Pucking Fuppets

  1. I get really tired of reading the obligatory articles about Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker & Rudolph every December. Thanks for wiring about something different. I can’t pretend to be a random reader since I often participate in Puckin’ Fuppet, but still, thanks!


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