Don’t Pass The Bar Exam Stage at A3C

It’s A3C time!  That magical weekend of hip hop mayhem when the city is rushed with over 500 performances, lectures, conference series, workshops, etc.  As much as our great city contributes to this genre it is fitting that one of the worlds largest hip hop festivals should be held here.

So while I could go on and on about make sure you see De La Soul, Bonecrusher, Pastor Troy, and whoever else floats your boat, I’m going to talk about one stage in particular.  The Bar Exam stage in EAV.   For the third year in a row the year long competition series held in Atlanta, and now Dallas, showcases it’s top competitors.  This year the headliners are Gloss da Boss, Phene, and Kxng Crooked I.  Here’s why you need to check them out:

Gloss da Boss

Ladies First: One listen to 101 Reasons and you’ll hear Gloss giving Nikki a run for her money.  Gloss can shape shift her image and sound from the sweet girl next door, to the intimidating attitude of “I’m not hear to play” within seconds.  As the A3C Festival site succinctly puts, “It’s this dichotomy of personalities that Atlanta MC Gloss Da Boss pulls off effortlessly and rather fabulously.” 

kxng crooked

Then you have Kxng Crooked I coming around the corner.  I imagine if I were backstage I would feel his presence by the fee-fi-fo-fum vibrations of his footsteps before he even enters.  The California native has talent and has quite the resume developed.  I was rooting for this guy just from his bio story alone.  But if you listen to If I Was Dr Dre you can pinpoint the moment when the good doctor’s ears would’ve perked up.  He’s passionate, he’s fierce, and he’s here to handle his $h!t.  Oh, and if you are like me at the gym you’ll put him on your playlist.  He will drive you straight into your next goal and you won’t want to stop.

phene 3

You know that phrase “you can have anything you want, you just can’t have everything”?  Well Phene only wants one thing – The World.  And as his name suggests, he is a fiend: for music, for hip-hop, and for success.  This is the reason for his success, for the inability to pinpoint him down to just one type of sound; because he follows the music.  From CA to PA and down here in The A, you can pick up nearly every exposure reflected in his drug of choice.  And if you try to tell him why he can’t do something?  Well, his answer is I Don’t Care!


And then there’s my favorite ringleader in Atlanta…MICXSIC!  You want to know what an Atlanta staple looks like?  This is the face!  Like Phene, this guy has his hands and microphone in everything.  And you have him (and the entire family of Savage Family Productions) to thank for this amazing experience, as the orchestrator of The Bar Exam competitions here and all the way to Dallas.  This quick-witted, charismatic, emcee and frontman of The Freestyle Movement will have you in stitches and cheering before he even starts spitting.  So you don’t want to miss out on getting a chance to not just see MICXSIC host and entertain, but to see him effing PERFORM.

So come on down and check out The Bar Exam Stage on Friday October 9th from 7 – 9 p.m. at 495 Flat Shoals Road.

And that’s what’s up next, Atlanta…


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