Legal Equalizer App Gives Breakthrough on Policing the Police

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Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Freddie Grey, Sandra Bland, and the list goes on.  Many of us have spent days and nights contemplating the injustices that have happened to these individuals and their families; we find ourselves asking how this could have happened and in this day and age?  Some of us have gotten angry and taken to the streets in an attempt to make sure our voices are heard by our elected officials.  Others have taken to religion and prayed for those affected; trying to show compassion and support for the Black Lives Matter movement.  But one young man here in Atlanta has put his knowledge and passion to use in order to create something that would not change the past, but prevent a repeat of history with the creation of his app called Legal Equalizer set to be released to the public next week. Continue reading Legal Equalizer App Gives Breakthrough on Policing the Police

Don’t Pass The Bar Exam Stage at A3C

It’s A3C time!  That magical weekend of hip hop mayhem when the city is rushed with over 500 performances, lectures, conference series, workshops, etc.  As much as our great city contributes to this genre it is fitting that one of the worlds largest hip hop festivals should be held here.

So while I could go on and on about make sure you see De La Soul, Bonecrusher, Pastor Troy, and whoever else floats your boat, I’m going to talk about one stage in particular.  The Bar Exam stage in EAV.   For the third year in a row the year long competition series held in Atlanta, and now Dallas, showcases it’s top competitors.  This year the headliners are Gloss da Boss, Phene, and Kxng Crooked I.  Here’s why you need to check them out:

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