Who Put All That Bass in The Basement?

In my quest to find great music and entertainment in Atlanta, and for the baller-on-a-budget, I feel I would be letting you down if I didn’t write about one of my favorite recurring events, Beat Royale: A Sonic Experience of Beats and Beyond held in EAV (that’s East Atlanta Village for my out-of-towners) at The Basement.

Whether you are an up-and-coming producer trying to showcase your work and get some feedback, wanting specifically to support local artists, or just looking for a good time under $20, this is the spot!

Directed by Felisha Booker and Jeff Blackwell, and hosted by Mic Sic you are guaranteed a great time.  The Beat Royale series is a year old and growing stronger each month.  Remember that girl named Higgy I told you about?  She performed here and dominated her battles, along with other sick artists such as Hannibal and Sole Profit.  Those two badasses, WLPWR and Myke Stallone, who just dropped that Free Game on ya?  Yeah, those are the guys (and many others) that you will see judging these competitions.

If you’re just looking for wholesome entertainment, this event happens usually the third or fourth Thursday of every month.  For those of us that work the soul-sucking 9 – 5 you have to be willing to stay out a little past bedtime.  But this is just one night!  And for an average entry fee of $10 and PBRs for $3… You’ll be recovered by the next morning and you’ll thank me in the end.  It’s music, beer, underground, and always unified vibes being sent out.

That’s my favorite part – it doesn’t matter if the producers are on point, or need to be pointed in the right direction, it’s all about music, listening, learning and helping.

Beat Royale flyer

Now for my producers looking to break through:  You need to come check this joint out for your own good.  And for the good of your brethren.  What I just said about how it’s about learning and helping, well, that’s ALL that you’ll find here!  Networking opportunities, constructive criticism, free promotion and more.

“The main goal for Beat Royale is to offer a great networking and branding platform for the producers, artists, songwriters and music industry executives to connect with each other,” said Mr Blackwell, Senior Music Advisor for Dynamic Producer.

And that’s how easy they make it to get involved!  So get down there, give feedback, hand out your card because you never know who you will meet.  When discussing who came to the event in terms of judges and scouts Mr Blackwell said, “We have judges for the beat battle that are managers, a&r’s, publicist and other music industry executives. But we also invite all of our music industry friends to attend and listen to some great music. So there is no way to tell who’s in the room, that’s why we always tell everyone to network with everybody. You just never know who’s going to show up.”

The Basement is at 1245 Glenwood Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30316.  If you are coming from Moreland, turn onto Glenwood and make a right at The Graveyard.  You will find The Basement where the moniker implies.

  • Dynamic Producer is an umbrella company that has been putting on conferences with beat battles and working with producers on their branding for over 14 years.
  • After success at  their Dynamicon event at the LA Film School last year it was decided to run a monthly version of the conference beat battle known as Beat Battle King. That was run for three months and it was decided to add Beat Battle King to Beat Royale.
  • Beat Royale: A Sonic Experience of Beats and Sounds is a under the umbrella of Dynamic Producer brought to Atlanta on a monthly basis after the success of the conferences in NY and LA
  • Beat Battle King is the branding platform for producers within Beat Royale.

Twitter/Instagram: @Dynamic Producer or @JeffBlactracks

Facebook: Jeff Blacktracks Blackwell

You can also go to The Basement’s Calendar to check out schedules for this event as well as others.



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