BQE – Treats & Beats

Photo from BQE website
Photo from BQE website

If you want to feel unconditionally welcomed, then BQE Restaurant & Lounge is the place to go.  BQE stands for “Brooklyn Queens Expressway” and my hat is off to the New York bred owners for giving us a perfect blend of NY chic ambiance and southern hospitality.

Just over two and a half years old and this spot seems to know what it takes to survive and thrive in the high turn-over, high-risk world of Food & Beverage.  With a posh atmosphere without the snooty service they nailed it.  I’ve been there at day and at night, never seen the same person twice, but every time I am greeted with a genuine smile and asked to come back for another meal.  I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so truly welcomed.

Photo from ScoutMob
Photo from ScoutMob

The BQE menu is based on simplicity.  They’ve mastered creating a smaller menu of what they want to make and then making it well.  Taking southern staples and putting a fresh spin on it, BQE revs it up and out.  For example, I know we’ve all stood in line for an hour and half for some of Gladys Night’s Chicken & Waffles, but BQE created the BQE Red Velvet Waffle & Chicken.  Not sure where else you are going to find that my friends.  Or their (forgive me, I am a girl) adorable Chicken & Waffle Sliders.  But don’t stop there, grab some fried green tomatoes, or some shrimp & grits.  Combine that with the bartenders, who have never let me down on recommendations or deliverance, you are set for a memorable meal.

Photo from Eventbrite
Photo from Eventbrite

There is always something going on here!  While you can get any meal of the day here, there is also a reason specifically to come here for a night out.  On any night.  I, too, work a regular 9 – 5 but BQE has brought me out on Wednesdays for their stand up comedy and Thursdays for their karaoke nights.  Then they also do live music on the weekends.  Their specialty seems to be neo-soul and R&B with feature artists such as Atlanta’s Gritz & Jelly Butter, which blends classic covers with some of their original compositions, while doing a great job of interacting with the audience.

So take a break from Church’s, Mother’s, and the regular bar scene on Edgewood.  Step it up a notch in class and expectations; visit BQE Restaurant & Lounge and look forward to a night of southern sophistication.


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