Free Game – Get it. Now.

Cover art designed by Strife Co.
Cover art designed by Strife Co.

For months now it seems I wake up every morning and see a Free Game post by WLPWR – founder of Atlanta based label Supahotbeats.  It’s been a really great thing to see actually.  Like the slogans and memes that we all see about life.  Ex: “If you focus on you then you will be the focus.” Only instead of a water-downed provider of instant self-justification, i.e. “Share if You Know Jesus is Watching!” (He’s not, I asked.  He doesn’t even have a FB account.), WLPWR actually hits you with some real lessons from which we should learn.  For example:

Free game: windows of opportunity do close and don’t reopen. No matter what your favorite quote says. Learn to seize your moment. The world is full of could haves. (posted 31 July 2015 on FB)

WLPWR and protege Myke Stallone didn’t give the window a chance to even slide down on this one.  Yesterday they let the world know what they were made of with the release of their mixtape titled, you guessed it – FREE GAME.

Within their first 24 hours this dynamic duo has already recieved nearly 25K downloads from DJBooth and AudioMack, and are #2 on AudioMack’s ranking of “Top Albumn’s Today.”  The list of featured and contributing artist is long and impressive, like both of their resumes.  From the liquid fire that spews from the lips of Rittz and Yelawolf, to the pent up passion that emits from Jarren Benton.  And everything in between: Big K.R.I.T., Bubba Sparxxx, Trinidad James, Scotty ATL, and many more.  From the cover art, to the beats, to the lyrics, this albumn has much needed substance!

So I urge you to heed the advice of these wise men before us.  You probably don’t even know that some of your favorite jams are produced by them and you’ve been subliminally taking in melodic wisdom from them for years.  But click the links below and let your mind be blown.  Also, if you ARE in Atlanta on August 27, come down to The Basement in EAV and see them put on what’s sure to be an epic scene at Beat Battle!

And that’s what’s up next Atlanta…

Free Game Album: DJBooth FREE GAMEAudioMack FREE GAME

SoundCloud: WLPRSupahotbeatsMYKEMURDASupahotbeats


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