A Girl Named Higgy

A girl named...Higgy P1Let me tell you about a girl named Higgy that showed up at my house one night for a party.  We stayed up all night, until 4 a.m. or something crazy like that.  We (her, myself and others) talked about music, writing, creativity, marketing schemes, we even had a brief poetry jam session with the six of us in my living room.  A week later I run into her at a Home Depot.  She comes up with this ear to ear smile and starts telling me all about what HD can do for me.  Lady, I know you!

But I didn’t know her.  Not then.  But because of that I got to know her.  And it turns out she’s one of the dopest female producers breaking into the scene.  And it’s happening right now!  I started going to beat battles (another post on that later) just to watch her kick ass.  And that same smile she had at the HD was still there.  Her energy was phenomenal and no matter if she won or lost she was still smiling and cheering for everyone there.  I was truly touched by her sportsmanship.  The guys would puff up their chests in an attempt to show their prowess, but Higgy just smiled and clapped for them.  She didn’t bat an eye.

Next thing I know she is working with an artist under sony.  I couldn’t be happier.  I was so excited not only to see a female putting it down the way she did, but just someone as deserving as herself.  She says, “Being a female producer in this industry you have to work 5x harder than everyone else…and I haven’t heard of any producer working with more than 2 female producers (at a time).”  And you can just tell who her influences are.  She take the directness of Missy Elliot and the beauty and power of Miss Lauryn Hill.

Then came the day that my roommate hit me up and said, “Oh hell, Higgy done quit her job at HD, guess you won’t be running into her there anymore.  Good for her though.”  And it WAS!  I’m the kind of person who would flip out if I didn’t have another job lined up (hell, I’ve flipped out after I quit a job, and had a start date for another already set).  But I swear I could see that light inside of this girl glowing brighter than ever all the way across Atlanta.

“I just felt as if I was not being true to myself and if I took a leap it would be in the direction in which I can spend an entire lifespan happily chasing versus settling. There are only 24 hours in a day. If 8 of them are spent sleeping (for most) another 8 is spent working a 9 to 5 that you will never be the CEO, that leave only 4-8 hours of doing what you love considering you have no distractions. Thats not a plan to a happy life.  

I want to build an unstoppable machine of stupidly talented individuals. I want to be a one stop shop for whoever needs records. I want to be the face and owner so I can be an inspiration to people everywhere not just for music.”

She certainly inspires me.

Soundcloud: HiggyGotBeats


Come Right BackHiggy Beat Battle

Social Media: FB @Higgy; Twitter @Higgygotbeats; IG @Higgybeats


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