BQE – Treats & Beats

Photo from BQE website
Photo from BQE website

If you want to feel unconditionally welcomed, then BQE Restaurant & Lounge is the place to go.  BQE stands for “Brooklyn Queens Expressway” and my hat is off to the New York bred owners for giving us a perfect blend of NY chic ambiance and southern hospitality.

Just over two and a half years old and this spot seems to know what it takes to survive and thrive in the high turn-over, high-risk world of Food & Beverage.  With a posh atmosphere without the snooty service they nailed it.  I’ve been there at day and at night, never seen the same person twice, but every time I am greeted with a genuine smile and asked to come back for another meal.  I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so truly welcomed.

Photo from ScoutMob
Photo from ScoutMob

The BQE menu is based on simplicity.  They’ve mastered creating a smaller menu of what they want to make and then making it well.  Taking southern staples and putting a fresh spin on it, BQE revs it up and out.  For example, I know we’ve all stood in line for an hour and half for some of Gladys Night’s Chicken & Waffles, but BQE created the BQE Red Velvet Waffle & Chicken.  Not sure where else you are going to find that my friends.  Or their (forgive me, I am a girl) adorable Chicken & Waffle Sliders.  But don’t stop there, grab some fried green tomatoes, or some shrimp & grits.  Combine that with the bartenders, who have never let me down on recommendations or deliverance, you are set for a memorable meal.

Photo from Eventbrite
Photo from Eventbrite

There is always something going on here!  While you can get any meal of the day here, there is also a reason specifically to come here for a night out.  On any night.  I, too, work a regular 9 – 5 but BQE has brought me out on Wednesdays for their stand up comedy and Thursdays for their karaoke nights.  Then they also do live music on the weekends.  Their specialty seems to be neo-soul and R&B with feature artists such as Atlanta’s Gritz & Jelly Butter, which blends classic covers with some of their original compositions, while doing a great job of interacting with the audience.

So take a break from Church’s, Mother’s, and the regular bar scene on Edgewood.  Step it up a notch in class and expectations; visit BQE Restaurant & Lounge and look forward to a night of southern sophistication.

The Fairness of Affairs

It took me a few days to truly grasp the full realm of possibility for catastrophe impending upon the data dump of Ashley Madison’s client list.

My initial thought was, “Not my business; not my problem.”  Impact Team clearly felt differently and held up their threat by releasing names, emails, addresses, etc. Pandemonium has now swept over as people on the high and low end of society risk having their families destroyed,  physical threats, blackmail, and the list goes on.

The motive behind  Impact Team, appears to be two-fold.  One, they are exposing the morally bankrupt people who chose to cheat on their spouses.  But in a statement released from the group, it would appear ALM, the owner of Ash Mad is also morally bankrupt, deceptive and guilty of fraudulent business practices.   For the time being I’ll focus on the former.

Thou Shall Not Judge.

It would seem that the Impact Team has lived up to its name.  But what impact were they trying to make? It would seem the initial motive behind this is that people they don’t know are having an affair and it’s their job to bring this to public light and shut down this lascivious website.  Twitter users back this logic up with countless tweets of, They got what they deserved!   Did they really?  Like a stone tossed in a still lake, the impact goes deeper and the effect goes further.

I couldn’t care less about the list of politicians, athletes and Wall Street rulers whose “good names” and careers are being tarnished.  You are public figures.  You should know better than anyone that the least private place is ANYWHERE on the Internet.  And Ashley Madison fully admits that it doesn’t verify it’s emails.  In fact, there are accounts listed with celebrity names attached to domains that don’t even exist.

But what about the father and husband down the street who created that account before he even met his current wife, never even went past the profile set up page, but now is faced with judgement, scorn and a possible divorce that could wipe him out financially?  What about the journalists that created a profile and even met up with someone from the site, but the meeting turned into an interview for an article on the sub-culture of purchasing infidelity?  But we wouldn’t know that from the dump.  And because HR departments do a great job of thoroughness, a social worker who is in an open marriage, might be fired just through association of this site even though his/her experience as a client had no negative impacts on his life up until now; it might even have enriched it.

More importantly what about the children of these people?  Tommy, Jr. is already awkwardly going through puberty and being picked on in school.  Now the tech-savy class bully is the one that informs him that his mom or dad is on this list.  Tommy is socially ostracized, called a bastard (among other hurtful names), and as a result of bullying becomes another name on the list of teen suicide.  Is that really fair?

I welcome additional information, viewpoints, and angles on this current issue.  Please feel free to leave a comment. 

~ Missyllaneaous.

Free Game – Get it. Now.

Cover art designed by Strife Co.
Cover art designed by Strife Co.

For months now it seems I wake up every morning and see a Free Game post by WLPWR – founder of Atlanta based label Supahotbeats.  It’s been a really great thing to see actually.  Like the slogans and memes that we all see about life.  Ex: “If you focus on you then you will be the focus.” Only instead of a water-downed provider of instant self-justification, i.e. “Share if You Know Jesus is Watching!” (He’s not, I asked.  He doesn’t even have a FB account.), WLPWR actually hits you with some real lessons from which we should learn.  For example:

Free game: windows of opportunity do close and don’t reopen. No matter what your favorite quote says. Learn to seize your moment. The world is full of could haves. (posted 31 July 2015 on FB)

WLPWR and protege Myke Stallone didn’t give the window a chance to even slide down on this one.  Yesterday they let the world know what they were made of with the release of their mixtape titled, you guessed it – FREE GAME.

Within their first 24 hours this dynamic duo has already recieved nearly 25K downloads from DJBooth and AudioMack, and are #2 on AudioMack’s ranking of “Top Albumn’s Today.”  The list of featured and contributing artist is long and impressive, like both of their resumes.  From the liquid fire that spews from the lips of Rittz and Yelawolf, to the pent up passion that emits from Jarren Benton.  And everything in between: Big K.R.I.T., Bubba Sparxxx, Trinidad James, Scotty ATL, and many more.  From the cover art, to the beats, to the lyrics, this albumn has much needed substance!

So I urge you to heed the advice of these wise men before us.  You probably don’t even know that some of your favorite jams are produced by them and you’ve been subliminally taking in melodic wisdom from them for years.  But click the links below and let your mind be blown.  Also, if you ARE in Atlanta on August 27, come down to The Basement in EAV and see them put on what’s sure to be an epic scene at Beat Battle!

And that’s what’s up next Atlanta…

Free Game Album: DJBooth FREE GAMEAudioMack FREE GAME

SoundCloud: WLPRSupahotbeatsMYKEMURDASupahotbeats

A Girl Named Higgy

A girl named...Higgy P1Let me tell you about a girl named Higgy that showed up at my house one night for a party.  We stayed up all night, until 4 a.m. or something crazy like that.  We (her, myself and others) talked about music, writing, creativity, marketing schemes, we even had a brief poetry jam session with the six of us in my living room.  A week later I run into her at a Home Depot.  She comes up with this ear to ear smile and starts telling me all about what HD can do for me.  Lady, I know you!

But I didn’t know her.  Not then.  But because of that I got to know her.  And it turns out she’s one of the dopest female producers breaking into the scene.  And it’s happening right now!  I started going to beat battles (another post on that later) just to watch her kick ass.  And that same smile she had at the HD was still there.  Her energy was phenomenal and no matter if she won or lost she was still smiling and cheering for everyone there.  I was truly touched by her sportsmanship.  The guys would puff up their chests in an attempt to show their prowess, but Higgy just smiled and clapped for them.  She didn’t bat an eye.

Next thing I know she is working with an artist under sony.  I couldn’t be happier.  I was so excited not only to see a female putting it down the way she did, but just someone as deserving as herself.  She says, “Being a female producer in this industry you have to work 5x harder than everyone else…and I haven’t heard of any producer working with more than 2 female producers (at a time).”  And you can just tell who her influences are.  She take the directness of Missy Elliot and the beauty and power of Miss Lauryn Hill.

Then came the day that my roommate hit me up and said, “Oh hell, Higgy done quit her job at HD, guess you won’t be running into her there anymore.  Good for her though.”  And it WAS!  I’m the kind of person who would flip out if I didn’t have another job lined up (hell, I’ve flipped out after I quit a job, and had a start date for another already set).  But I swear I could see that light inside of this girl glowing brighter than ever all the way across Atlanta.

“I just felt as if I was not being true to myself and if I took a leap it would be in the direction in which I can spend an entire lifespan happily chasing versus settling. There are only 24 hours in a day. If 8 of them are spent sleeping (for most) another 8 is spent working a 9 to 5 that you will never be the CEO, that leave only 4-8 hours of doing what you love considering you have no distractions. Thats not a plan to a happy life.  

I want to build an unstoppable machine of stupidly talented individuals. I want to be a one stop shop for whoever needs records. I want to be the face and owner so I can be an inspiration to people everywhere not just for music.”

She certainly inspires me.

Soundcloud: HiggyGotBeats


Come Right BackHiggy Beat Battle

Social Media: FB @Higgy; Twitter @Higgygotbeats; IG @Higgybeats